You know what that tool is? It is an icon of every plumber stereotype there is. You take a picture of a guy with one of those in his hands and you immediately think "plumber". I'm sure they hand them out at the end of plumber school along with the catalog of clothing that will show butt cracks by the inch.

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We've talked a lot about responsive websites. Websites that change their shape to fit the display on which they are being viewed. They show as a "normal" site on laptops and PC's, and rearrange themselves to better fit on phones and tablets.

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It seems we hear stories every week about more data theft. As you can imagine we get asked just about every day, "What can I do about it?" I can tell you what we do about it and what bad habits you can break painlessly.

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We previously covered collecting sales taxes, and why that is tricky and may get trickier. This time, let us talk a little about paying them.

I'm going to start by saying something so shocking that you will not believe it.

In my career, in all the numerous times I have had to call various tax code enforcers, officers, bureaucrats or tax help line people; I have had a very pleasant experience.

Shocking I know. But it's the truth. Even when I was in the wrong, they were very nice. I'm going to share with you something my very excellent economics teacher once told me, "They don't really want your property, story or anything else. They just want the money. You can always work out a deal." I never hesitate to call the experts.

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