IT Services

Spend more time working and less time fixing

Ecommerce Mechanics offers IT consulting in Wichita, Kansas. We specialize in on-site consulting with Apple Macintosh. We build long term relationships with our clients, helping them increase operational efficiency. We keep our clients happy by staying up-to-date with current software and networking technologies, and aligning their business goals with their technology goals.

Whether it’s a single office workstation, back-up systems, terminal farms, or the latest software solutions, we turn technology into a competitive advantage for your business.

While it’s critical that your technology works as it should, it’s just as important that you’re choosing the right products and implementing them in a manner to give you the best results.

Ecommerce Mechanics has years of hands-on experience with hundreds of clients of all kinds and that gives us the real world knowledge to advise you as to the best solutions and strategies to make you and your staff productive and focused on getting work done, not wrestling with your computers.



Web Services

We make owning a website the easiest part of business

You need to spend your time with your customers fulfilling their needs, not fiddling with your website.

Running a website isn't easy. There always seems to be something that needs updated, you need to read the statistics on your customer traffic. Then what do you do with all that information? You need one less thing to worry about.

We can input those new products, we can update that calendar, we can update that graphic with your holiday hours. Whatever you need, we will take care of it.

The mobile users are the same customers as everyone else

You don't need a mobile site, you need a site that handles mobile visitors and you need it now.

Every year more and more people are visiting web sites on their phones and tablets. All of our customers have a minimum of 30% mobile traffic on average, most are above 50%. That isn't a market that is coming soon, that is a market that is here. A stripped down mobile site simply isn't acceptable to those users.

They want all the features the full site has. A majority of those visitors will NEVER see your site on anything but a mobile device.

You need your mobile site to have the same lead conversion tools available as a "regular" web site. Stop treating your mobile visitors like a valueless visit.

Search Engine Marketing, Social Marketing, Email Marketing

Rely on our experience to grow your business with new channels to reach new customers.

We do more than just throw together ads and walk away. We start with an analysis of your online presence to identify where and how you appear to your potential customers. We find out what your competition is doing and develop a strategy to better position your own company to dominate your market.

We want to see one thing when we work on your account, your business growing. We provide all the tools needed to track your success and report back to you.

Menu of services

  • Back-up systems
  • General IT troubleshooting
  • Hardware installation
  • Profile transfer
  • Web site design
  • Web site optimization
  • Content management
  • Analytics & reporting
  • Ecommerce site creation
  • Social channel management
  • Search engine marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Site relocation
  • Site hosting
  • And more